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Book Two of the The Gatekeeper's Son Series


The Shokunin Publishing Co.
390 pages
$15.99 Trade Paperback
$4.99 eBook
ISBN: 978-0-9937776-4-6 (eBook)
ISBN: 978-0-9937776-3-9 (trade paperback)

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Released February 15, 2017

He went to the realm where no one with a pure heart should go. Yet he survived.

He dared to speak to the gods. And the gods spoke back.

His blood still carries the poison that should have killed him.

Sixteen-year-old Junya survived his battle with the Evil Ones, but his energy is weighed down by a powerful darkness. The Gatekeepers of Izumo Oyashiro are reluctant to let him back into their realm. His own mother watches him with a wary look.

Only Shoko – the deadly warrior who dresses like a Japanese schoolgirl – stands by him. And all Junya wants now is a way to introduce his ancient guardian of the gods to modern romance.

But the Evil Ones aren’t done with them yet. Someone in Junya’s world is murdering the shamans of the Earth’s ancient religions. Without their worship, the gods grow weak, and the Gatekeepers are in danger.

It will take a bold and unconventional plan to save Izumo.

The rules that have governed Gatekeepers for centuries are about to change.

But will it be worth the cost?