C.R. Fladmark was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest in a place called Vancouver, BC. From an early age, among other more active and sometimes destructive pursuits, he loved to create imaginary worlds and to read books; a lot of comic books including Asterix, Calvin and Hobbes, and Bloom County, thrillers, and far too many Louis L'Amour Western novels.


Also, as a teenager, he became interested in all things Japanese (ninja, swords, old temples and shrines, customs), although he had little exposure to the culture. More than a decade later and after forgetting most of his interest in Japan, he was introduced to a Japanese woman on a blind date.


His subsequent travels to Japan (with her) introduced him to the myths and history of Japan that go back thousands of years, to the time when the gods ruled Japan. He now travels often to Japan, where he researches his novels among the ancient sites in Shimane Prefecture. 


C.R. Fladmark currently lives in a small, historic town with the aforementioned woman and three lovely children. All of them help with his books with suggestions, edits and the occasional "No, that's just stupid." 

To learn more, visit www.crfladmark.com or find him on Facebook at facebook.com/crfladmark and instagram.com/crfladmarkauthor/